Many of our Studio students are setting goals for themselves that are very commendable!  I’m enjoying the videos that many of you are sending me to show a glimpse of what your practice looks like at home! This week I’d like to commend Yui and Michael for their outstanding accomplishments in music outside of the

  The Thanksgiving season gives the Studio opportunity to express gratitude to our parents and grandparents for the role you play in growing budding pianists.  You are the “magic formula” that continues your child’s music journey and progress week after week. I spend on average only 30 minutes a week, 36 weeks a year, with your

The Grand Staff will be our way to keep track of the Studio’s climb to the the 25,000 practice minutes goal for the next 5 weeks!  Each 1000 minutes we practice will give us a letter for the staff, starting with low Bass F.  But the Challenge gets a little harder when we reach middle B,

We all need a little inspiration at times, so here’s a challenge to the whole Studio including parents, grandparents and our 35 piano studio students.   25,000 minutes of piano practice by Friday, December 12, 2014. If we reach our goal, then Santa  will be our guest at the next Christmas Piano Classes on December

Our first opportunity for Festival is Saturday, Dec. 6 at Concordia University, which is a Hymn Festival.  Please let me know at your next lesson if you want to participate in this event.  Whether one sings hymns or not, this will be a good first festival to participate in.  Participants play two hymns which can

      After spending a wonderful week in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, I’m reminded of how important the change of seasons are. Can you imagine how life would be if it was always Football Season, or always winter? To know seasons and the beauty of change brings about the awareness of the

Whenever anyone finds out that I teach piano, the conversation usually goes something like this.  “I took piano for ___ years.  I wish I had not quit.”   OR  “I always wanted to learn to play the piano”.  These statements are usually followed by a very thoughtful look. It is only natural that your child

After 32 times of starting a new school year as a classroom music teacher, I retired in 2012 to teach private piano and voice.  I always loved the beginning of a new school year with its fresh start, new pencils, clean paper, eager smiles and anticipation of the fun learning to come and I missed returning to

For this week’s Tuesday Tips and Tricks we are looking at an easy way to encourage our young pianists.  Video recording. Our mobile phones have made recording  easier than ever before and even easier to share.     Not only is it a great tool to motivate practice but it also provides a picture of